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In 1946, Detroit-Style Pizza was born at Buddy’s Rendezvous Pizzeria on Six Mile and Conant street on Detroit’s eastside. What makes a pizza Detroit-Style? The same things that made Detroit – a little bit of ingenuity, some stubborn spirit and a whole lot of heart. It’s what sparked an original idea 75 years ago to take a steel auto pan, create a one of a kind square pie and make Buddy’s the originators of Detroit-Style Pizza.


Buddy's 6 Mile.jpg

There’s a reason we’ve stuck around. Times may change, but our standards never have. This means using only the best ingredients, built by hand with recipes perfected over 5 generations. That’s the Buddy’s way, just the same as when we started at 6 Mile & Conant. We like turning strangers into friends and friends into family — sharing in the good times and making memories. We're also committed to giving back to our communities and championing local causes. Because we care about our neighbors the same way we care about our pies.

So wherever you are, whoever you’re with, come on in and get a slice of Detroit.


It starts with our dough, made in-house daily and double-stretched to create the light and airy crust that’s made us famous. Next is our forged-steel square pans, aged and seasoned to give our pies a one of a kind flavor and character and a crispy, extra thick crust with crunch in every bite. Finally, it’s our special Wisconsin brick cheese and fresh, real ingredients. And no shortcuts along the way. Same as we’ve always done it since we started. Hand-built from the bottom up; dough, cheese and sauce on top.



We’ve got a lot of heart for our hometown and have always believed in paying things forward within our communities. From our efforts feeding the hungry with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen to supplying sustainable “Buddy’s Bones” for our furry friends to our participation with other local causes, we’re committed to giving back and leaving a legacy larger than just pizza.

Thanks to the support of our staff and guests, we’re proud to have received the Michigan Restaurant Neighbor Award for the past 7 years.


 Buddy’s is proud to be a friend and ‘official pizza partner’ of some of our favorite Detroit institutions.